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Photography by Robert McFadzean

We're Not Really Strangers

I am dwindling image on your phone as you scroll through Facebook. A wavy rippling mirage as you look into the filling bathtub. I am a glimpse of a shape as you walk by a shop or a high towered building. The silhouette in the mirror when the lights out. I am that small stretched out reflection on the doorknob. The dark figure behind you when the suns out. The result of looking into a mirror to fix your hair as you walk past me, heading out the door. I do that too.


In this digital age, we are distracted by our phones, laptops, and the algorithm of social media, that we forget the image staring back at us. We’re not really Strangers explores one woman’s experiences and existence, amongst the chaos of her twenty-one years of life, to find a sense of self awareness, identity, and self-acknowledgement. It is a series of dialogues that arises between the performer and herself, herself and her reflection in the mirror, her reflection, and her conscience. A perception on voices of past joy, old laughter, and memory. We’re not really Strangers presents the burdening questions and truths that storm within the performer; an eclipse of the mind and body with the woman who performs her.

Available for Touring

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